Welcome to the Rhomba Ambassador program. We are a luxury brand, focused on inclusivity, diversity and empowering women. We are currently recruiting our ambassador team- below is all of the information on what’s involved!


Our ambassador program includes people with 100 followers, up to those with 300,000 followers- it really doesn’t matter how many you have. The only catch is, you will need to be a fan of cute dresses…


SUPPORT – Being an Rhomba Ambassador will give you exposure to the womens clothing industry, and gain you contacts with other brands. We will post your pictures on our Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc, as well as on our website and in email campaigns. We also offer a monthly support call for our ambassadors, in which we discuss marketing tips, methods of growing your Instagram, and how to move up the tiers within our program, and how to get more brand partnerships (we want to help you grow!).

Our Instagram; @rhombaofficial

CONTENT CREATION – We are always working on new content! We may provide you with a budget to shoot some content for us, or invite you to photoshoots!

REWARD – The rewards that you can get for being an ambassador are here. There is no set way to move through the levels, and we will decide this on an individual basis. We aim to get everyone to tier 3, and give you lots of tips on how to do this!

TIER 1: 30% off all of your orders with us and a 15% discount code for your followers to use. You will then earn 15% commission on all sales that have used your code (paid via Paypal, or in store credit if you prefer). 

TIER 2: Gifted clothing (there is no set frequency to this), with 15% commission on all sales. An additional 5% commission on sales of anyone that you refer to the ambassador program!

TIER 3: Paid to post, plus gifted clothing. You’ll get 20% commission on all sales using your code, and 5% on any referrals sales. You may be provided with a budget to create content on professional photoshoots, or invited to attend our photoshoots in various locations across the globe (all expenses paid).

We actively encourage progression through the levels as we want all of our ambassadors to progress. We help you to do this with monthly Zoom calls with marketing experts. This will help you to market yourself as an influencer, as well as the products. These calls are also great for NETWORKING with fellow ambassadors! This is brilliant for getting more followers, and encouraging people to like and comment on your posts- growing your presence on social media. These are however, completely optional.


There is no contract and no minimum number of posts etc. You will get what you put in! The more your advertise our clothing, the more you will earn from sales. The more friends/ followers you refer to the program, the more you will earn from their sales! The more you attend our marketing sessions, the more your Instagram will grow! It’s entirely up to you how much or little you put in. As we identify top creators, you will be moved up through the levels!

We love it when your ambassadors engage with our accounts. It really helps us to grow our social media pages! In exchange, we will always aim to comment on your posts too!



How long will I be a brand ambassador for? 

As long as you would like! We have no contracts or minimum terms etc. We would love to create long lasting relationships with our ambassadors, as they grow and develop their social media!

How will I get paid to post on Level 3? 

This will depend on the ambassadors engagement levels etc. We will have a meeting with all ambassadors when they reach level three, and be able to provide this information then.

How do I move up levels? 

There is no set way to move through the levels, and we will assess everyone individually. Great ways to help are; regular posts, regular engagement with our social media, quality content, inviting friends to join, generating sales and most importantly- being YOURSELF!

Terms and Conditions

We will reserve the right to re-post any photographs that our ambassadors take. If we have provided you with a budget to create content for us, we will have the rights to all of the media created (you will still be able to use it all). We do not provide any guarantees on the frequency of gifted items (level 2 and 3). We also do not provide a guarantee that everyone will progress through the levels- this is up to the individual to achieve (although we will help as much as we can!). We also reserve the right to remove people from the ambassador program if their behaviour is inappropriate (a formal warning will be provided, followed by removal from the program should the warning not be taken onboard).